Design Your Own Website With Artisteer

It is now very easy for you to start making cool money designing websites in minutes for Churches, schools, Business organisations, etc. without any pro knowledge of web-design, code HTML or CSS, or slice images in Photoshop, all this are made very easy with a software called Artisteer. Artisteer, permits you to create your own dynamic website template that can be used with Joomla, Drupal and WordPress, blogspot etc without requiring any technical abilities, coding  or requiring to understand how to use Photoshop or Dreamweaver.

Creating a lot websites and coming up with unique concepts all the time is quite a difficult, especially if you’re not artistic or having knowledge of webdesign. Artisteer presents the artistic feature you need and arrives with loads of ready-made elements which you can combine simultaneously to create a great looking and exclusive website.

The features of artisteer

One of the most great and significant and considered to be the best useful feature of Artisteer is that the program can propose design ideas for you. When you start your Artisteer software, you’ll be offered with Suggest Designs. If you look at the toolbar, you’ll see a Suggest Design button. Each time you click the Suggest Design button, Artisteer will develop a completely exclusive designs with a random layout, backdrop, header, color design many more.

Creating a lone component, such as the header, you can click on the propose Header, or propose color button to choose from a random colour scheme. It’s easy right?

Fast design tweaks

Tweaking is very easy with Artisteer. You could adjusting the colours in the scheme’s palette and request the change to the whole website.

Artisteer has the advantage that let you change the layout of the design in micro-seconds. If you made a change and dislike it, then you just easily bang the Undo button to revert the change and presto! you have the preceding activity. numerous users and I, in person find that Artisteer is great for experimenting your creative layout concepts without spending long hours of doing the HTML and CSS cipher testing.clicking on one of the suggested buttons.



Exporting Artisteer concepts

After creating your most ideal design, you can then export your website as WordPress, Joomla template, Drupal template, ASP.NET application, or CodeCharge Studio. Plus!, you can also trade goods your template into benchmark plain HTML.



Order Now for Only N10,000


Artisteer Download  after download you can request for the installation key through us for only N10,000 instead of N21,000