The free Bulk Whatsapp Sender in Nigeria is an AI developed software for automating whatsapp messaging. This application is simply unique and equipped with the latest AI timer and sorting to ensure that whatsapp numbers are safe during mass broadcasting process. The application has the ability to sort numbers, send messages to saved contacts and phone numbers not in your contact, it virtually types and upload files to mimic the human typing pattern. It can send message to thousands of recipients per day free of cost.

Having understanding of the changing social nature of man is needed to be able to thrive in this modern times. A good understanding of best marketing strategy is necessary to survive the difficult competitive nature of the market this days. However, the good news is that social media is now a veritable tool for getting at potential customers and Whatsapp has emerged as a strong social media force of recent.

With the emergence of whatsapp marketing apps and software, one can now do marketing easily using Bulk Whatsapp Sender.

What is Whatsapp Marketing ?

Whatsapp Marketing tool automates communication between businesses and their customers. This tools can sort, schedule and personalise messages.
While whatsapp has become very popular among other social media platforms with over 1.5 billion active users, people don't think of it first when it comes to social media marketing. This platform is the second most popular social media platform in the world and can be a great source of lead for your products and services.

How to do Whatsapp Marketing

As compared to other social media platforms like facebook, youtube and twitter, organisations make use of whatsapp to reach out to their existing and potential clients. But unlike Bulk sms and other social media mediums, whatsapp does not allow mass marketing especially to contacts not on your list.

However, People still find ways of marketing their product and services to people via this medium. People have created special groups and broadcast list to always share their offer and communicate with potential clients. Since whatsapp does not allow more than 256 people per group, more than one group and broadcast list have been created by people to ensure that this very policy does not limit them.
The below guide will show you how to do whatsapp marketing the right way:

  1. Choose the right time to send your whatsapp broadcast. The timing is important as this can encourage more response and engagement by your target audience
  2. Start with a warm greeting and offer an incentive.
    Warm greetings personalises your interraction and makes it devoid of the robot undertone. Offer an incentive to your audience to make them start the conversation.
  3. Include a start keyword. In your message its a good idea to always include a keyword or question that will encourage your recepient to innitiate a chat with you.
  4. Make use of whatsapp autoresponder to reply to messages especially when the default keywords are used.
  5. Have a dedicated team to respond and engage your audience on whatsapp
  6. Develop a distinctive brand voice. Remember, it’s not an individual talking to the person, it’s the brand. So therefore you should communicate using a single brand tone and train your team to do same, in their reply, choice of words, and attitude
  7. Make your audience talk: You can make and offer to any one who responds or reply to your broadcast.
  8. Don't stick to just the text format, you can use images, videos or even emojis to communicate.

Advantage of using our Bulk Whatsapp Sender Software

  1. Bulk messaging: One major benefit of the Bulk whatsapp sender software is it's ability to send bulk message to thousands of contacts. The messaging functions such as the chatting, uploading of any media formats like images and videos are all automated and fast.
  2. Reaching the right consumer target and segment. Using our software will give you access and guide to easily extract contacts of potential customers of your target market from facebook groups, pages and even whatsapp groups
  3. One-on-one Communication possible
  4. Keep and retain customers: Beside the need to reachout and get new customers, our bulk sender can help you stretegically keep exisiting clients
    Global Audience: you are not restricted to your circle of friends and contact. You can reach out to international audience.

    -Name customization in message

    -Send image, video,audio, file attachments

    -Filter WhatsApp numbers from Excel Sheet

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