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On the off chance that you are an sms dealer in Nigeria and wish to make more earnings seting up  Bulk SMS portal for people willing to do bulk sms business in Nigeria, then consider this. You can now purchase and install very cheap joomla sms component for almost free at a price of 5000 naira only

Advantage of the Joomla sms Component

The advantage is that this sms site component is autonomous of any server. The sms component joomla, methodicallly handles the bulk sms business dealings and the sending of bulk sms from any joomla website. With this joomla sms component, you can now start bulk sms business at a less expensive cost.

Other Characteristics of the Joomla Bulk SMS Component

The joomla sms component has the following features:

SMS Members Menu




You can likewise get the complete ownership right to this joomla sms component free and have no limitations to install it on boundless bulk sms websites at N70,000

You will get an ownership right which implies you can offer it to a large number of different sms resellers in Nigeria, if you purchase the umlimted bundle.

The way to Grow Your enterprise Fast Using Bulk SMS

Who would have thought that text messages, which was usually a thing for kids, would change into anything as useful and mighty as SMS marketing? In just a very short time, sms text messages has proven as being a verified alternative choice to any pattern of marketing. profiting more and more, it’s hard to find anyone who is not utilising sms text messages in one way or another.

Why you need Bulk SMS for your business

The major reason smart marketers are giving text message a shot is due to how the medium determins people to respond. Over 70% of adults have a cell phone in Nigeria and they cling to it better than their radio set or tv set. According to CallFire SMS text messages have a 98% open rate and a whopping 83% are opened within the first three minutes! On peak of that, companies utilising SMS are discovered to be growing 40% higher, compared to their competitors using the customary media such as radio, NTA, bulletin publicity, wireless, or direct posted letters, which mean rates of two per hundred. Not just that, CallFire farther accounts that your returns on investment can be far greater than using any customary media.

4 Guidelines for to Successfully us Bulk SMS for Your Business

1. Subscribe directly to the direct source of sms in Africa for very cheap price of 0.80kobo per sms
Get your own sms website for as reduced as N10,000 with other many benefits from
2. Deliver value – Whatever you’re texting them about, make it worth their time! Deliver worth, monetary or else, with your message.
3. Keep the messages short and personal – text message is founded on believe and familiarity, so do your best to farther advance that, by personalizing your texts and keeping them short and to the point.  A note like, “Hi Mark, express gratitude you for your enterprise! We gaze forward to assisting you afresh shortly. Show this msg to receive 20% off your next buy at [STORE title & PHONE NUMBER].”
4. Add up a call to action – You should definitely request them to act after receiving the sms on what you will want them to do. Saying certain thing like “Text SaveNow to 123456 to get a 10% off coupon today” will set their brain to action mode.
5. Assess your campaign’s outcomes – Mobile text messaging is terrific for as it presents a riches of ways to measure how your crusade is accomplishing. You can outlook how many persons opened, pursued and took activity, and just what activity they took.

sms text messages






  1. Introduction
  2. How to Host your sms website
  3. Understand Your sms Cpanel
  4. How to Install  joomla 1.5 on your sms website
  5. Introduction to joomla 1.5 bulk sms design
  6. selecting a template for your sms website
  7. setting up of SMS reseller component for sms website
  8. Creating Members and Administrator list
  9. Setting up cron jobs for future SMS delivery

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How to create a backup of your website and restore it?

You can conceive a backup of your Website rather easily. Account backups can be done utilising the cPanel -> Backups functionality for your hosting account. If your account is not too large  in size (under 500Mb) you can perform a full account backup just with one click.

If the account is too large (over 500Mb), Backing up the public html files and the databases should be done individually. In this case you would need to understand what your web Website comprises of and therefore what should be backed up/restored. Sites comprise of public html files and database. You should take them all if you want to have your site precisely the way it has been before.

How to backup/restore your public html files?

To backup your public html files, you should download all the files from your public_html folder to your computer using your very popular FTP client. After that you can effortlessly upload back the public html files to your hosting account and your website will be refurbished.

Exporting MySQL : ..How to backup MySQL database?

You can easily create an dump file(export/backup) of a database used by your account. In order to do so you should dump file to the phpMyAdmin

how to back up an sms website



The phpMyAdmin tool will be loaded.

choose the database that you would like to initiate a backup from the Database list (located in the top left corner of the sheet).

how to back up an sms website



A new sheet will be loaded in phpMyAdmin showing the chosen database. In order to advance with the backup click on the export tab:

how to back up an sms website



The choices that you should choose apart from the default ones are Save as file (which will save the file to your computer in an .sql format) and Add DROP TABLE (which will add the drop table functionality if the table already exist in the database backup) as shown below:

how to back up an sms website



Click on the proceed button to start the export/backup method for your database:

phpMyAdmin Go


A download window will burst up prompting for the exact Website where you would like to save the file on your computer. It is possible that the download begins automatically. This counts on your browser.

How to restore MySQL database from your backup

To restore (import) a database via phpMyAdmin, first select the first choose the database you'll be importing the data into. This can be done from the menu on the left. After which you click the import tab:

how to back up an sms website


You have the option of importing an .sql file. Choose the file from your computer.. If you are not certain about the character set your database is using just leave the default one.

how to back up an sms website


In order to start the restore click on the Go button at the bottom right. you will see a notification upon a successful database import.

Design Your Own Website With Artisteer

It is now very easy for you to start making cool money designing websites in minutes for Churches, schools, Business organisations, etc. without any pro knowledge of web-design, code HTML or CSS, or slice images in Photoshop, all this are made very easy with a software called Artisteer. Artisteer, permits you to create your own dynamic website template that can be used with Joomla, Drupal and WordPress, blogspot etc without requiring any technical abilities, coding  or requiring to understand how to use Photoshop or Dreamweaver.

Creating a lot websites and coming up with unique concepts all the time is quite a difficult, especially if you’re not artistic or having knowledge of webdesign. Artisteer presents the artistic feature you need and arrives with loads of ready-made elements which you can combine simultaneously to create a great looking and exclusive website.

The features of artisteer

One of the most great and significant and considered to be the best useful feature of Artisteer is that the program can propose design ideas for you. When you start your Artisteer software, you’ll be offered with Suggest Designs. If you look at the toolbar, you’ll see a Suggest Design button. Each time you click the Suggest Design button, Artisteer will develop a completely exclusive designs with a random layout, backdrop, header, color design many more.

Creating a lone component, such as the header, you can click on the propose Header, or propose color button to choose from a random colour scheme. It’s easy right?

Fast design tweaks

Tweaking is very easy with Artisteer. You could adjusting the colours in the scheme’s palette and request the change to the whole website.

Artisteer has the advantage that let you change the layout of the design in micro-seconds. If you made a change and dislike it, then you just easily bang the Undo button to revert the change and presto! you have the preceding activity. numerous users and I, in person find that Artisteer is great for experimenting your creative layout concepts without spending long hours of doing the HTML and CSS cipher testing.clicking on one of the suggested buttons.



Exporting Artisteer concepts

After creating your most ideal design, you can then export your website as WordPress, Joomla template, Drupal template, ASP.NET application, or CodeCharge Studio. Plus!, you can also trade goods your template into benchmark plain HTML.



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