Frequently Asked Questions on Bulk SMS


How would i send sms

To send mass sms,

1. Register on the sms website - ( cheap sms, cheap sms in nigeria, cheapest sms in nigeria )

2. Login with your username and pass-word to the sms portal - ( how to start sms business, how to make money from sms, sms business proposal )

3. At that point tap on " Compose SMS " on the right hand side of the sms website ( this explains; how to send bulk sms, how to send free bulk sms in nigeria,

4. After clicking on the compose sms on the page that surfaces, Type your sms title  (greatest of 11 characters) in the "Sender ID" field

5. Sort the telephone numbers that you wish to send sms to in the "Recipients" field

6. Sort your message in the "Message" field

7. Tap on the send button.

Do you have a bulk sms message history tab

We have a message history page, however we call it " Messages History". You can discover it on the right hand side when you log in.

Can you send mass bulk sms globally. is cheap sms portal that can send bulk sms to any global numbers and in addition cdma and gsm nos.

You can attempt it.

By what method will an affiliate claim his own free sms units

On the chance that you refer a client for us, we'll credit you with 20 free sms units immediately after the registration of the client on

Can my SMS credits Expire?

No! Our SMS credits don't lapse. You can utilize them at whatever time. ( 1 for 1 sms in nigeria, 141 sms )

Would you be able to send cdma numbers

Yes! We send to cdma numbers. To send to cdma numbers, utilize a numeric sender id. cheapest and reliable sms in nigeria

To what extent it will take to set up an sms website for you if you wish to join the sms business .

It takes 5 working days to set up a bulk sms reseller website for you, in the event that you want to start a bulk sms business.
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How would i purchase SMS credit online

Login and tap on " Buy SMS Online", Type the quantity of sms you require inside the row given and it will demonstrate to you the aggregate cost in Naira. ( how to send sms from web )

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